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modern knights templar
Knights Templar Militia | Training Video will appear if photo is clicked on.

Knights Templar Militia is a modern restauration of the old and honorable
Order of the Knights Templar originally known as the Poor Knights of Christ
and the Temple of Solomon.

Knights Templar Militia is a state of mind , a necessary transformation and evolution but most important of survival. Is a process in wich we help the
citizens giving them the knowledge to become strong , mind body and spirit.

Green Lake – Birthplace

GREEN LAKE, TEXAS. Green Lake, at the junction of State Highway 35 and Farm Road 404, twelve miles southwest of Port Lavaca in western Calhoun County, was settled as early as 1850 by Kentucky cotton planters. A contemporary observed: “Green Lake was once the locality of a neighborhood characterized by the wealth and social standing of the residents.”

At the beginning of the Civil War, federal troops under Gen. David E. Twiggs mustered at nearby Green Lake (after which the community was named) to await ships to return to the north. After the war local planters found themselves without horses, mules, farming equipment, money, or slaves.

The population remains about 62 today in 2019. My Mom still lives on the same farm at the time of the writing.

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